Gifts make an integral part of the rakhi celebrations. Traditionally in India the rakhi gifts are given by elder brothers to the sisters in acceptance of their raksha. They bless their sisters after the thread tying ceremony and give gifts. Traditionally for the younger brothers it is different. The sisters give something along with the rakhi. The gifts given on rakhi include sweets, dry fruits or clothes etc.

Of late in India the trend has been that the sisters gift something in return to the brothers young as well as elder. The change occurred because with the ever increasing distances, siblings hardly meet and when they do or are even far off, rakhi gifts are an extended expression of love and affection the two share.

One of the major changes that has occurred in Indian tradition of rakhi gifts is that watches are gifted as rakhis. Many a times these days Rakhi amulets are replaced by watches. Wrist watches are long lasting and reminds of the sisters. It is the most readily acceptable replacement among gifts for rakhi, as it is tied on the wrist and is useful.

Another variation among rakhi gift tradition is the jeweled rakhis. The bracelet type of rakhi can be of gold or silver. It could be embedded with precious or semiprecious stones or it could be a simple cut and carved bracelet. Such Rakhi or Rakhi Gifts are favored for their durability and lasting nature and ofcourse for the jewel value.
Sweets and chocolates have always been a part of the gifts given on rakhi. Dry fruits are a convenient alternative and more preferred these days as rakhi gifts. Pen sets, shirts or tie or a jeweled tie pin are other good rakhi gifts options.

So on this Rakhi, Gift your brother some thing that is close to him or that he is interested in. Gift him something that will remind the two of you the lovely time spent together.